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Our Services

Because your needs are individual, We tailor make our services to suit you. 

Here at Thee Perfect Sale, we are not tied down with labels like "Estate & Liquidation." We provide white-glove concierge service for our client's specific circumstances.

  • Downsizing

  • Passing of a loved one

  • Moving

  • Redecorating or Renovating

  • Couples Divorcing

  • Business owners who are liquidating

  • or whatever your transition may be.


What to expect for a "Perfect" Sale?

With our free consultation, we will inspect and evaluate your property.  Upon retaining our services, we will photograph, organize, price, and stage your event. Creating a Favorable Impression is important,  clutter elimination, organizing, furniture layout, and lighting are just a few of the areas we consider when staging.  We handle all of the marketing and advertising and provide all of the staffing and security. 

We know these may be overwhelming times, which is why we are committed to serving you with care and compassion and making each process as smooth and profitable as possible.  


Is your collection becoming a dust "collector?"

Setting ourselves outside of the typical offerings of an Estate Liquidation Company, we specialize in the sale of collections and individual items housed in our temperature-controlled off-site location.

Collections we have worked with:

  • Diecasts Cars

  • Comic Books and Playing Cards

  • Pinball/Slot Machines

  • Vinyl Records

  • Furs

  • Glass and Vintage Bottles

  • Handbags & Shoes & Clothing

We have the resources and contacts to make sure your valued collection is sold to those who value the effort and time you have put into building it! 

We exist for those who are looking to

"Close one chapter and help fund the next!"

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