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Six Reasons to Hire an Estate Sale Company

Hiring an estate sale company isn’t something you do every day. So it’s perfectly understandable if you’re entering this process with a giant question mark over your head. Whether you’re downsizing, rightsizing, or managing a loved one’s estate, they can be overwhelming at the least, especially if you plan to face it without the help of a professional by your side.

We have comprised what we believe to be a helpful guideline to learn about the six most important reasons why you should partner with the professionals at Thee Perfect Sale for your next estate sale.

1. Stress; Mentally, Physically & Emotionally

You have enough to deal with already without trying to figure out how to dispose of each individual item in the home. The physically demanding part of hosting an estate sale, its a lot of moving, lifting, shifting - Do you really want to get up on a ladder and crawl on beams to get heavy items only to then drag them down that ladder in 100-degree heat, Odds are you don't! By hiring an estate sale company, you can eliminate that stress and heat! These times can also be extremely emotional, especially if you are rehoming your family's estate and treasured possessions. A true professional estate sale company can ease your burden and give you peace of mind when you need it most. The team at Thee Perfect Sale is here to help YOU.

2. Time is money & We save you both!

A lot of time and effort goes into a successful estate sale. And, if you are planning to take care of everything by yourself, you might be facing an extremely time-consuming and costly process. Plain and simple, we know the ins and outs of this industry. Our full time job is to produce a successful result and we spend our time perfecting that process. By hiring an estate sale company such as Thee Perfect Sale, you are hiring someone who can lend their expertise to you—not only putting more money in your pocket, but also simplifying the process.

3. We bring the Estate Sale Crowds

A bright sign on the corner just won’t cut it. We built a reputation in the estate sale community and a following of customers who help us host the successful event you need. With our ever growing email list and trusted followers you never need to worry about having an empty house with no one to buy your things. Our ability to create a marketing strategy built around your items coupled with professional advertising guarantees each day of your estate sale is packed and the maximum number of items are liquidated from your home.

4. We Make it look GOOD!

They say putting a fresh batch of cookies in the oven right before an open house guarantees more offers on the house - Just as real estate agents have their own way of making a sale, estate sale professionals do too. We have background knowledge in interior design and retail marketing strategy, we are very meticulous with our set up and staging. We take great pride in it and any company you hire should too! Our team can rearrange a room to flow with customer traffic, providing emphasis on the larger, more expensive items—creating just the right atmosphere for a successful estate sale. We know how to maximize a space and display items to make it a profitable and enjoyable shopping experience. Just read our reviews!

5. Negotiation and Pricing

A professional estate sale company should understand the history and value of your property. We can help you understand the fair value and price point of each item in your collection. After all, without our help, you might be selling off precious collectibles for a fraction of their value! When it comes to the negotiation strategy it can come down to a lot of different factors, and personalities. You can find almost anything at an estate sale, which is why such a diverse group of people attend estate sales. Anyone from a reseller, collector, antique dealer, furniture flipper, interior designer, or those who just love a good deal, to name a few. We never want to be the company that doesn't "work" with the customers, but we also do not want to give things away for free. We utilize the knowledge and experience to make sure we get the right amount for your belongings, strategically and fairly!

*You might be itching to start purging unwanted items early. Resist. Do not throw anything away! You might think something has no value, but you’ll be surprised what interests shoppers. And small prices on small items (or “smalls” as they’re called in the biz) add up. What people don’t realize is that, there are many people who frequent sales that just want "the other stuff."*

6. Post Sale Clean Up

You can expect 5% to 25% of your items to remain in the home after the estate sale. Think about how you would like the items handled and how much involvement you would like to have in the post sale process. To sum things up, just hire a professional so you don’t have to do extra work. We love what we do and we are good at it. So let us take it from here.

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